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Nature-based Life Coaching & Mentoring

Purpose, Confidence & Inner-Leadership

For Teens & Young Adults who are Transitioning into Young Adulthood

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I help teens and young adults find purpose, direction and deep connection to themselves and the Earth as they transition into adolescence and young adulthood, so that they feel confident, inspired and excited about life

Possible outcomes from our work together:

Inspiration for Life


Purpose & Direction

Healthy Boundaries



Emotional Resiliency

Emotional Regulation

Strong Connection to Nature


"Is this for me?"
Are you...
• Desiring deeper meaning and connection in life?
• Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of our times?

• Feeling stressed, hopeless, anxious, unmotivated and/or lost?
• In love with being in nature?

• Prefer being outside rather than in a traditional therapy office?
• Wanting to understand your true purpose?
• Wanting mentorship and support from someone who gets you?
•  Wanting to make a big difference in the world?

I would love to speak with you!

Contact Deanna for a free 30-min Consultation Here.

For me?

"Deanna helps young people take life’s challenges and turn them into character building experiences instead of hardships that may knock them down."

-Beth, Parent, Scotts Valley, CA


Thrive Young Leaders Packages


Looking for more specific support?


Check-out my coaching & mentoring packages:


For high school and college recent grads or soon-to-be grads.

If you want to:


• Feel clear and confident on a plan for post-graduation

• Feel inspired on your life path and purpose

• Transition gracefully into young adulthood

• Live a meaningful adult life

• Feel resilient and empowered in a fast changing world

• Prepare for a gap-year (if desired)

• Optional: Professional graduation photos by Jason Abraham

Contact Deanna here.


If you want to:


• Cultivate a healthy relationship with your body

• Feel confident and empowered to be yourself

• Develop a deep love and compassion for yourself

• Strengthen your self-care skills

• Develop strong somatic awareness

• Learn how to listen and respond to your body's needs

• Understand your feelings and emotions and how to tend to them

Contact Deanna here.

Life Purpose

If you want to:


• Connect with your life purpose and true calling

• Connect with your gifts

• Develop a vision and plan for your career and life path

• Feel inspired and motivated for your future

• Feel resilient and empowered in a fast changing world

Contact Deanna here.


If you want to:


• Connect with your unique purpose in our drastically changing climate

• Cultivate a lifestyle that is directed towards Earth stewardship

• Process and heal grief and trauma from our climate crisis

• Feel resilient and empowered in our fast changing climate

• Learn ancestral skills, wilderness survival skills, and nature-connection skills that will support your sense of safety, confidence and connection to the Earth

Contact Deanna here.

Earth Leaders

"Deanna is absolutely one of the most profound people I have met with such a genuinely caring heart. She has impacted my life in many different ways. Deanna has a way of instantly making you feel like part of the community and she’s not afraid to lead community in whatever way necessary. She has a way of leading that is polite and respectful, and she is not afraid to see what needs to be done and make it happen."

-Alyssa, College Student, Scotts Valley, CA

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