Life Coaching & Mentoring

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One-on-one Nature-based Life Coaching and Mentoring supports teens and young adults to overcome internal barriers and challenges so that they can live a purposeful, connected, balanced, and joyful life.


Sessions are typically held outside in nature, online or by phone.

In this work, Deanna helps you:

Build Emotional Resiliency

Develop a Strong Sense of Self

Embody a Deep Sense of Belonging

Prevent & Manage Stress & Anxiety

Increase Self Confidence & Expression

Grow a Deep Relationship with Nature

Inspire, Set, & Actualize Intentions & Goals

Connect with Gifts, Purpose & Direction

 Increase Mindfulness & Compassion

Process Climate Grief & Trauma

Develop Positive Body Image

Build Deep Listening Skills

Lead a Balanced Lifestyle

Become True Leaders

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"Deanna helps young people take life’s challenges and turn them into character building experiences instead of hardships that may knock them down."

-Beth, Parent, Scotts Valley, CA

Thrive Young Leaders Packages


Looking for more specific support?


Check-out the coaching & mentoring packages:


For high school and college recent grads or soon-to-be grads.

If you want to:


• Feel clear and confident on a plan for post-graduation

• Feel inspired on your life path and purpose

• Transition gracefully into young adulthood

• Live a meaningful adult life

• Feel resilient and empowered in a fast changing world

• Prepare for a gap-year (if desired)

• Optional: Professional graduation photos by Jason Abraham


6 month - 1 year commitment

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If you want to:


• Cultivate a healthy relationship with your body

• Feel confident and empowered to be yourself

• Develop a deep love and compassion for yourself

• Strengthen your self-care skills

• Develop strong somatic awareness

• Learn how to listen and respond to your body's needs


Minimum 4 month commitment

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If you want to:


• Connect with your life purpose and true calling

• Connect with your gifts

• Develop a vision and plan for your career and life path

• Feel inspired and motivated for your future

• Feel resilient and empowered in a fast changing world


6 month - 1 year commitment

Contact Deanna here.


If you want to:


• Connect with your unique purpose in our drastically changing climate

• Cultivate a lifestyle that is directed towards Earth stewardship

• Process and heal grief and trauma from our climate crisis

• Feel resilient and empowered in our fast changing climate

• Learn ancestral skills, wilderness survival skills, and nature-connection skills that will support your sense of safety and connection to the Earth


Minimum 4 month commitment

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"Deanna is absolutely one of the most profound people I have met with such a genuinely caring heart. She has impacted my life in many different ways. Deanna has a way of instantly making you feel like part of the community and she’s not afraid to lead community in whatever way necessary. She has a way of leading that is polite and respectful, and she is not afraid to see what needs to be done and make it happen."

-Alyssa, College Student, Scotts Valley, CA