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Rites of Passage

First, what is it?

A "rites of passage" is a marking of a major life transition, such as entering college, leaving a career, death in the family, moving to a new place, divorce, etc. In our modern society, common rites of passages include graduation, birthdays, funerals, and weddings. If guided properly, a rites of passage is absolutely fundamental to personal and collective wellbeing and survival.


We recognize that teens and young adults need rites of passage to mark their transition into adulthood, but it's not yet part of our mainstream society. Without a guided rites of passage, teens and young adults will initiate themselves, often through risky and unhealthy behaviors. However, a healthy and guided rites of passage helps people find a sense of true belonging, purpose, identity, and direction in life. 

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One-on-One Rites of Passage


Deanna customizes a rites of passage program for each teen and young adults that she works with.

These programs are transformational experiences that may support you to:


6 months to 1 year commitment

First 3-6 months: Preparation

Coaching & mentoring to guide you in your life transition

Preparation for a journey that will mark your initiation

E.g. initiation into young adulthood

Initiation Journey:

Designed to best suit you

May include (but not limited to) a:

backpacking trip

solo hike

24-hr outdoor fast

fire vigil

night walk

dance ceremony

community campout


Last 3-6 monthsIncorporation

We integrate your journey and help you incorporate your learnings into your life

May include a family or community gathering and potluck

Contact Deanna for a free 30-min Consultation Here.

Group Rites of Passage


Provides all the benefits of a One-on-One Rites of Passage, but with the added benefit of a community container.

We are currently offering Earth Sisters, a nature and dance-based rites of passage program for ages 17-20 to begin in September 2022. Please click HERE for more information!

We also offer custom group rites of passage programs. If you are a community of individuals looking for a rites of passage for your group of teens or young adults, please contact Deanna to learn how we may design a program that best fits your community.

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Group ROP

Discover your innate gifts

Connect with your true self​

Walk through life with purpose

Cultivate a deep sense of belonging

Transition gracefully into young adulthood

Develop a deep relationship with the Earth

Feel confident and empowered on your path

Cultivate a healthy sense of independence

Connect with your ancestral knowledge

Develop a new vision for our future

Build emotional resiliency

Align with your purpose

"I feel like I can finally take care of myself, love myself, and be independent in a healthy way."

-Santa Cruz High School graduate, CA

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